A Greta Garbo Centennial Tribute

Monday, August 22, 2005

Greta Garbo Centennial Tribute

To celebrate Greta Garbo's 100th birthday in September 2005, i think it should be appropriate to dedicate a few blog pages to 4 of her movies that are yet to be released on DVD for reasons i can't understand. Both silent & talkies.
Those movies won't be released in September neither in the Garbo Signature Collection nor in the TCM Archives - The Garbo Silents.
So that's 11 of Garbo movies waiting in the sad DVD purgatory !!
Can you believe it ?

Every friday in next September, i will focus on 1 of her movies in 24 frames taken from my personal collection as i do in my other blog named : 24 Lies Per Second dedicated to "screen captures of old rare movies from vhs".

Garbo still lives.

Come back on Friday September 2nd 2005 as this page is still under construction.


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